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Tree pruning and trimming

Although the terms may seem interchangeable, there is a slight difference between tree pruning and trimming. Both are necessary to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and attractive. Trimming involves shaping trees and shrubs for appearance while pruning is the removal of branches to improve the health, vitality and resiliency of your plants.

Pruning is an important process to maintain the health and appearance of trees and shrubs. By strategically trimming plants, you can create a clean look as part of your landscaping design. In addition to improving aesthetics, pruning can also thin out branches to allow more sunlight and moisture to reach the surrounding area. For example, branches on trees should be kept at least 30 feet apart to allow for optimal growth.

Different types of trees require distinct equipment and not all trees and shrubs should be trimmed or pruned at the same time of year. Rely on our professional arborists to properly trim and prune your shrubs. Shaping plants is an art and demands skilled workmanship. With our expertise and equipment, we can guarantee that Tree Service Trenton will complete the job correctly.

Proper pruning and trimming for appearance and health

While it may appear uncomplicated, pruning and trimming trees is not as straightforward as it may seem. It is crucial that the right method is employed when trimming or pruning. Not only does this provide aesthetic appeal, but trimming can also reduce branch density which can block sunlight and moisture from reaching the surrounding landscape. For instance: If your tree branches are permitted to grow too close to one another, they will compete for energy from sunlight and moisture, weakening the tree and diminishing its overall ability to prosper.