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Our Services Include …

trenton tree service planting


We provide consulation to help you choose the best trees to plant based on location and soil type.

trenton tree service tree removal

Tree Removal

We have the skills and the right equipment to remove trees safely without damaging property or surrounding landscape.

trenton tree service cabling

Cabling and Bracing

We can provide cabling in situations where a tree trunk is in danger of splitting. Brace your tree before it is too late!

trenton tree service soil

Soil Remediation

Sometimes poor tree health is the result of poor soil conditions. Soil aeration and fetilization can make a big difference!

trenton tree service pruning


Pruning tree branches must be done correctly so that the health of tree is not compromised. We can help!

trenton tree service stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Get your lawn back! After taking down your tree we can grind the stump below service and fill with topsoil and grass seed.